Oral Fluid Drug Testing – A fairer test for the workplace?

Managing workplace drug testing

Oral Fluid Drug Testing – A fairer test for the workplace?

Many of our commercial drug testing clients are opting for the Lab Oral Fluid Drug Test. They see it as a fairer method for drug testing in the workplace. This is partly due to the relative short drug detection window of up to 48 hours (average use). Also, they regard the test as less invasive than say urine and hair drug testing.

Furthermore, it is almost impossible to cheat. This is because when we collect the saliva, it is observed by the collection officer. As a result, this removes the chance of sample adulteration or substitution.

The Oral Fluid Drug Test is also now accredited to UKAS 17025 laboratory standards. As a result, the results of the test can be used for legal and disciplinary purposes.

Screen results are available the next working day after collection. Confirmation testing can take up to another 3 working days.


Drug Screening Options

Also, we have a Point of Care (POC) screening option available in Oral Fluid form. The benefit of this instant screen provides a sign that an individual may have drugs in their system. But, a non-negative result on this instant screen should go on to lab confirmation testing. POC screen results alone should not be used for legal or disciplinary reasons.

We can also perform alcohol testing in conjunction with this drug test.

Finally, this test is ideal for the workplace. It provides reasonable belief that drugs may have been taken in the last few days. Also, it causes very little disruption to business operations when testing many employees.


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