DNA Testing on Jeremy Kyle gets the thumbs down

DNA Testing on Jeremy Kyle gets the thumbs down

Crystal Health Group recently polled 430 people and asked the question:

Is the Jeremy Kyle Show the right platform for disclosing DNA test results?

The votes came in as follows:

NO 81%

YES 19%

It’s clear that the majority of people think it’s a bad idea to go on the Jeremy Kyle Show and have the results of a DNA test disclosed in front of a studio audience and broadcast across the nation!

The format of the show then goes on to discuss the DNA results and the circumstances surrounding the individuals involved in the DNA testing. This can lead to some pretty brutal emotional outbursts from those involved – all in front of a jeering or cheering audience.

Whilst there might be demand for this kind of television, the results from the poll suggest that individuals would rather have a DNA test through a more private, confidential and clinical approach.

Crystal Health Group provide accredited DNA tests through a network of DNA Clinics throughout the UK, or the convenience of home testing kits on sale at Boots. Both legal DNA testing and Peace of Mind testing are available at all Clinics, whilst the Boots Paternity DNA tests can be used for Peace of Mind purposes.

The company is certified to ISO27001 Information Security Management Systems, so you can be confident that your results and personal data will be processed in a professional and confidential manner.

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