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Pre-Employment Drug Testing

Pre-employment Drug Testing

Pre-employment drug testing is an important part of the recruitment process. In particular, for safety critical and ‘business critical’ jobs.

The most popular drug test for this is urine testing. Both the instant ‘point of care’ screen or the lab drug test. Also, for more senior positions, clients prefer hair drug testing. This is because hair drug testing has a much longer detection window for drugs than urine. Read more

Managing workplace drug testing

Oral Fluid Drug Testing – A fairer test for the workplace?

Many of our commercial drug testing clients are opting for the Lab Oral Fluid Drug Test. They see it as a fairer method for drug testing in the workplace. This is partly due to the relative short drug detection window of up to 48 hours (average use). Also, they regard the test as less invasive than say urine and hair drug testing. Read more

Drug and Alcohol policy

Do you need a Drug and Alcohol Policy?

Employers may have to tackle problems relating to drug and alcohol misuse among employees at some time. It is estimated that problems caused by misuse cost UK industry £800 million per year. Problems caused by misuse disrupt business continuity and can cause financial instability. Also, there may be more severe consequences to employee’s health, safety and welfare. Read more

Pre-Employment Drug Testing

Pre-Employment Drug Testing

A lot of our business clients drug and alcohol test prospective employees. This is an integral part of their drug and alcohol policy and recruitment process. It conveys two important messages. Read more

Introducing drug testing in your workplace for 2019

Drug related incidents are on the rise in the workplace. It impacts the safety and welfare of your employees, visitors and customers. Productivity, quality and staff morale can also be adversely affected. So it can be a big issue to deal with for your business. Read more

Are employers ready for Canada’s new marijuana laws?

When cannabis finally becomes legal in Canada, how do you prevent people from coming to work high? Read more

Should Workplace Drug Testing be Mandatory?

Our most recent poll attracted 410 votes and asked the question, ‘should drug testing in the workplace be mandatory?’

The results of the poll were as follows: Read more

Positive Drug Test for consumption of Poppy Seeds!

Following on from the post titled ‘Poppy Seeds or Poppy Cock’; regarding the BBC report on a positive drug test due to poppy seeds, I thought I would follow up with an example that occurred recently with one of our clients. Read more

The importance of a drug and alcohol testing policy.

A manager recently lost his claim for unfair dismissal after he was sacked for refusing to take a workplace drug test.

An employment tribunal ruled that he should have set an example, because he had been personally responsible for enforcing his firm’s drug and alcohol testing policy.

Read more

Alcohol testing is still important in the workplace

Although trends these days show that employees are more likely to have recreational drugs in their system than alcohol, testing …

Metal detectorists spiked with space cakes

An act of ‘random lunacy’ put a group of Metal detectorists at serious risk. They were taken to hospital after …

Crystal Health Group ISO Audit Pass

External audits passed again

We are delighted to announce that the company has attained three ISO standard certifications for another year. This means …